• Scríobh introduces a series of Irish digital lessons which encourage the writing of the Irish language for students.

    Colourfully illustrated presentations are provided and the material is tailored to specific levels of Irish. Students are prompted by anmúinteoir to replace missing characters, words and sentences to improve their Irish writing skills.

    In Scríobh we purposefully link the Ceisteanna with the Comhra, Éist and Leitheoireacht lessons. The Scríobh programme does not entail a great deal of written work as we are aware that each child will need to respond at their own pace. The Scríobh sections targeted at older students gives more space for creativity.

    The key vocabulary in Scríobh has been developed in conjunction with the digital lessons in  Léitheoireacht, Éist and Comhrá.


  • Nod an Mhúinteora

    Scríobh has been created for primary students at but feel free to use as required. Scríobh  should be introduced after completing the lessons in Comhrá,  Éist  and Léitheoireacht.

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