The Rang Gaeilge

The rang Gaeilge can be a challenging class for some and for others it’s their favourite class. In today’s world it can be quite difficult to keep a large class focused, interested and what you the teacher are trying to put across. There is so much pressure to get so much done in such a short space of time.

I often found that after teaching Irish to a class for a whole term or maybe a year that in tests set later you would be wondering who was listening? Did I do that lesson well? Did I do it at all? Yet you know you might have done it over and over again. I often remember on inservice days being totally bored after about 30 minutes and looking forward to the coffee break. I didn’t really want to participate or come out of my comfort zone but then after getting involved and on the move suddenly the day flew and the course day was more enjoyable and productive. I remember often saying to myself on course days that the children in my care at the time must be feeling the same way in class everyday. Inservice days often reminded me of the need for variety, fun, movement and involvement of children back in the classroom.

Successful classes are where children are involved, creative, role playing, performing. Children love a fun element. A cigire once said to me that when bright children do well in tests we say to ourselves , “ah well they’re gifted” or “they don’t need a teacher” and when they don’t do so well we, as teachers, beat ourselves up and sometimes blame ourselves for poor performance. There is no magic formula and all a teacher can do is his or her best each day.

Preparation is key and king. Anmúinteoir is all about planning and saving you preparation time. We hope over the forthcoming years to be an integral part of preparation for your rang Gaeilge. We plan to bring more variety and integration to the rang Gaeilge with a much greater emphasis on labhairt na gaeilge. Comhrá, labhairt , ceol, seanfhocail, tráth na gceist involve participation.

In our stór focal we plan to build a book of useful phrases and vocabulary that will be of everyday use.

Anmúinteoir should be a very handy way of doing revision on a regular basis.