An Modh Nua


Welcome to,  a new website designed to help teachers in their Irish class in primary school. anmúinteoir has taken over two years to develop. anmúinteoir is created by teachers for teachers with all aspects of  the Irish curriculum included. Have you ever found yourself short of resources as a teacher? Have you gone on the net looking for an idea and you get distracted by something else? Have you spent thankless hours preparing Irish lessons, workcards and posters. In my 32 years as a primary teacher I did ….and the better prepared I was the easier and more fulfilling was my teaching day. The contrary is true if you are not prepared.

A few years ago during our school’s “school inspection” my inspector asked me if I had ever thought of publishing any of my material. That was about 6 years ago and after taking early retirement in 2011 and taking a few extra months off I began the journey with the help, advice, input and support of many teachers to create It  has arrived and with your support we plan to be here for a long time. The main aim is to have an abundance of Irish teaching resources on one site. We start with Mé Féin for all classes and in e-book format we display keywords with very attractive graphics. We link Léitheoireacht, Comhrá, Scríobh and Éist. You will find the layout to be very user friendly and will give your class  that added visual that children love. all the themes will be added throughout the school year.

The graphics go from cartoon/vectra drawings in the early classes to real professional photography for the senior classes. In the Éist section there is a six line Comhrá professionally recorded in beautiful native Irish. The next page will have tree questions where the children will have to respond. The recordings while starting with Donegal Irish will within the next few weeks have the three canúintí available. The dánta section has a selection of poems, with keywords explained and on the last page the full poem is displayed. There are also recordings of most of the poems on the site.

In the Amhráin section you will find 6 songs selected by teachers, professionally recorded in a key suitable for the young voice range and very carefully arranged. The next 6 amhráin will be added in October and teachers will be encouraged to suggest songs. We are also planning to translate some of the more modern songs

In Tráth na gCeist we have three grades with 12 rounds of 6 questions in each round, you will find that the questions are very closely linked to to content of the curriculum. Best to do quizzes in table quiz format. cad é an chéad béile ar maidin? Cén lá a thagann roimh Dé Luain? Cén uimhir atá tar éis 6? Cad e príomhchathair na hÍodáile? Cé hé an duine is sine? Cé mhéad lá sa tseachtain? Cé mhéad lá sa bhliain? Seanfhocail are chosen at random again displayed with a visual to help the child work out what they mean. For you the teacher there will be an english translation in the Notes section attached to every lesson. At this stage gramadach is quite informal commencing with words from the Mé Féin, Ar Scoil, Sa Bhaile themes and perhaps a lesson in their own right, singular nouns,  plurals, the friendly tuiseal ginideach simple phrases and loads more. Let us know if you would like it to be more formal. We will be continually adding to the grammar section and our next plan is for all the Irish verbs in the past tense, from an chéad réimniú, with all the little rules informally added, for example close…dún  will have a visual of something being closed  and then add h for past tense etc. This will bring Irish verbs to life and a more enjoyable way to learn them. Over time we will cover all aspects of the Irish language We should also say that our reading programme is very closely linked to the Bun go Barr series. C J Fallon have kindly given us permission to take the key words from their lessons and display a visual beside them. This is a bonus for you if you have chosen the Bun go Barr series for your class. However, if you are on another book you will find that the same keywords are generally used.  Our members will help us to decide which book we do next  and we can have some of the lessons displayed in early October. Try us out and we hope you will discover a very affordable way to save you hours of preparation, we have put thousands of hours of our time into the lessons. You can tell us what we have left out, if we have too much or not enough of some aspect.  You the teacher choose what you want to take from the site and you will discover that  there is something there for all classes throughout the country. Look forward to being with you for many years to come agus ádh mór for the coming year in your classroom and hopefully you will occasionally say “thanks to anmúinteoir, I’m well prepared for this class.”